Farmer Friends

I love the diversity of farms that we have in America. Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing links to some of my friends who have different types of farms than we do.

Ohio Sheep Farmer and Local Cook – Kristin

Kristin is one of those people that you know you’re going to be fast friends with.  She’s got a lot going on with her farm, as well as keeping busy with other interests. She and I have traveled half way around the world together.  You’ll love seeing pictures of her super cute kids on the farm.

Kristin is your typical mom learning to balance this crazy thing we call life!  Not only is she the mom of two ornery little farmers but a self-proclaimed foodie and farmer herself.  She enjoys connecting with her customers and readers through recipes and life adventures at  Kristin raises sheep, poultry, hay and is the owner of a private cooking business Local Flavor Foods. She enjoys conversations about how our food system works and takes great joy in sharing a little bit about American Agriculture, dismissing some of the common food and farm misconceptions.  Find Kristin on social media or you may just run into her at school pickup, pass her driving a tractor down the road or shopping at the grocery store. It’s a crazy way of life but she cannot imagine it any other way.

Corn, Beans, Pigs, & Kids – oh my! – Val

Have you met my fellow farm wife and farm mom Val?  I love how she keeps active with her life as a farmer, farmer’s wife, stay at home mom and community volunteer.  She loves to say that living in Iowa there are always “fields of opportunity” for her and her family.  Go check out her blog, “Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids” ( and give her facebook page a “like”:

Fellow Kansas Farmer – Karra

Meet my friend Karra.  When we first met 3 years ago, I knew we’d be instant friends, we had too much in common.  We each grew up on pig farms, we’re both from other states, met our husbands who were Kansas farmers, and made the decision to settle down in Kansas.

Karra blogs about raising row crops, forages, and managing a cow/calf operation with her husband and two children on their North Central Kansas farm.  She also loves to cook and bake, and will occasionally share some of her favorite recipes.  Faith is a very important part of her life, and so she has a link to some of the blogs she uses for daily inspiration.  You can check out her blog at  She also has a Facebook Page called Frontier Farmwife that you can follow.

Michigan Dairy Farm & 100 year old Farmhouse Remodel – Ashley

Meet my new friend Ashley.  Ashley and her husband live in rural Michigan. Life is crazy and messy around Messy Kennedy but they love every minute of it! Ashley blogs about their 100 year old farmhouse remodel, cooking, fashion and beauty and life working as the third generation on her family’s dairy farm. Be sure to visit and see the exciting things going around on and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

First Generation Dairy Farmer from Washington – Krista

First, I have to say that I am super excited to meet Krista IRL (in real life) next month.  She shares so many fun things on her blog.  Second, a first generation dairy farm, her family has their hands full!  Dairies are hard work!

Krista is a wife, mother of three & first generation dairy farmer from Washington. She shares on her page, The Farmer’s Wifee about their daily happenings on the farm as well as her adventures as an advocate for the dairy industry. On her blog she shares about being a farm mom, farm wife & how things are ran on her family dairy farm. There is never a dull moment on their farm and always a cute calf to share. She also enjoys doing guest posts, sharing about fellow dairy farm families as well as stories of other farmers. Check out her blog and make sure to look her up on Instgram, Twitter & Pinterest.

Trendy, traveling Iowa Farmer – Sara

Sara was one of the other moms who traveled with me to China a few months ago.  It’s a treat to see all the thing she shares on her blog from family favorite recipes, talks about her travels, and of course the latest happenings on their farm at   She has two super cute boys, and recently introduced me to Stitch Fix (and I can’t wait to get my first shipment next month)!  There’s always something fun going on so stop over on her Facebook page and give her a like!

Pig and Grain Farmer – Wanda

There are a lot of things that I love about Wanda’s blog.  I grew up on a farm where we raised pigs (mama sows who had piglets and raised the piglets into full grown pigs ready for market).  It is really interesting to me to see what a modern pig farm is like.  She also addresses some of the issues that people are concerned about within the food chain and farmers’ role in that.

Wanda’s family raises pigs and grows corn and soybeans. She blogs about her farm, farm issues, family and farm life and anything else that moves her spirit. You can find her blog at Check out her Facebook page, Minnesota Farm Living, and give it a like and connect with a farmer who grows your food and is proud of it!

Farm Family Living in the Suburbs – Julie

My friend Julie blogs about her favorite family friendly recipes, her family farm and life as a suburban soccer mom at on over to her facebook page — Farm Eats, City Streets — and give it a like.

Julie’s family farm is also a Century Farm.  A Century Farm means that the farm has been owned and farmed by the same family for over 100 years.  Every time I see a Century Farm sign it gives me chills.  It means to me that this family really knows their land, they have been working their land and passing it on to their kids as part of their legacy.

DIY and Quilt Designer Farm Mom – Bekah

Bekah shares how she uses a bit of creativity to get through life with three horse-crazy little girls and a farmer husband on her blog . She also likes to share stories from the farm, quilts that she love to design and make, DIY and home decor projects and just a bit of life’s little blessings.

Make sure to read how Bekah and her husband – lifelong friends that ended up getting married.  You just have to know that God had a greater plan for these two!

Turkey Farmer – Katie

Just in time for a little Thanksgiving turkey, what could be better than a Q&A session with a turkey farmers?

My friend Katie blogs about DIY home décor, trials and tribulations of parenting, and her family’s TURKEY farm at  Head over to her facebook page and give her a like as you get ready to eat your Thanksgiving turkey tomorrow!

Other exciting news about Katie – she just published a children’s book about what a turkey farm is like told through the eyes of her 6-year old.  After reading it, my little MessMaker declared that he wanted to be a Turkey Farmer when he grows up 🙂



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