Christmas in the Country 2015

This year was my second year to participate in blogger Secret Santa type gift exchange.  It’s so much fun to learn about the other blogs!  I enjoyed trying to pick out gifts for another blogger and receive gifts from someone I hadn’t met.

My gift came from Julie at Dirt Under My Fingernails from Missouri. She started her note saying that we are neighbors across the river! Actually, where she’s located in Missouri was in my sales territory several years ago, and I’ve been in her neck-of-the-woods several times J.  Julie’s family runs a wholesale greenhouse business. With my love of gardening, I cannot to see what all they do.


The gift Julie sent me included several items from Julie’s sister-in-law gift shop.  She discovered my love of coffee and sent a kitchen towel and magnet. There was a cute spatula and small circle cutting board that has the wisdom of solving life’s problems – butter! Also included was a gorgeous cross bracelet that says, “live by faith” all around it.  Last but not least, a friend of Julie’s made a beautiful bar of soap that smells like Christmas, it’s called Sleigh Ride.  All the gifts are wonderful – thank you, Julie!

I sent my gift to Jacky at Dickey Bird’s Nest. She is a folk artist and antique dealer, and repurposes furniture and other goods.  Jacky turns 50 this year, and has a goal of 50 things to do before turning 50.  One of her goals is to complete a cookie cookbook.

In an interesting twist, I sent my gift to Jacky, Jacky sent her gift to Julie, and I received a gift from Julie – how much fun is that?!?!

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the ladies who organized the gift exchange – Jamie (This Uncharted Rhoade), Laurie (COUNTRY LINKed),Lara (My Other More Exciting Self), and Kirby (15009 Farmhouse).

Each of the 53 bloggers who participated in the exchange will add their reveal posts to a special LINKUP that is open from now until the 12th.


5 thoughts on “Christmas in the Country 2015

  1. Thanks for looking me up and leaving such a nice comment…I do hope you enjoy the kitchen goodies and find them “heartwarming”during these cold winter days.
    If you are anywhere close to our Atchison county, please do look us up during plant season…we are not on the way to anywhere, but you would enjoy looking through all the greenhouses and meeting all the family while things are bright and pretty. Til then, I’ll keep up via the ‘net! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks again for all the goodies! I would absolutely love to stop by during planting season. It’s so interesting to see different types of agriculture! I’m looking forward to keeping up with your farm through your blog. 🙂

  2. I think the three of you giving and receiving from one another worked out rather well!! I know it was not intentional, just the way your names came up for pairing and what great pairing they were. Thanks for joining us again this year LaVell! We loved having you!
    Laurie – Country Link

  3. Hi LaVell! Thanks so much for participating and joining again this year! It looks like you got a really good gift and I hope you enjoyed the exchange. To mirror Laurie, please know we didn’t intentionally set up the exchange to “round robin” you three, we normally try to mix it up a bit more, but that’s just the way it worked. I’m glad you had fun with it and it seemed like they were good matches all around!

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