Moms! You’re Needed – At All Stages

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how important moms are.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m approaching a tipping point in my life where I’ve been a mom for more than half of my life.  Maybe it’s because my oldest is in college and I get giddy when he “needs” me or calls for advice.  Maybe it’s the fact that my youngest will soon be off to kindergarten, and is growing up way too quickly.  I’m not sure, but the importance of moms has been on my mind lately.

I’ve always thought of children as resilient. But I’m realizing more how fragile children are and how important it is to be careful with our words and actions with our children all ages and stages.

We know how important moms are to young children.  It’s clear that bonding with our babies is so very important – even to the child’s development.  The days when they are little can be so tedious.  Then as if in the blink of an eye, they’re self-sufficient in most ways.


In my journey of motherhood, I’m finding that parenting a young adult is more challenging than any other stage.  When children are at home, there are fairly easy consequences that you can help them understand for their actions.  As they move out and start their own journey some of the consequences cost real money or take an emotional toll.  Lessons we all have to learn, but agonizing to watch as the mom.

What I don’t see talked about often is the importance of mothers to adult children. It’s been impressed upon me recently that relationship is of great importance.

I know adults who have had their confidence shaken by the critical words of their mother.

Many farms are multigenerational, and moms are critically important to their success.  Moms do so many things that no one sees or are aware of – taking food to the field, always having water bottles, paperwork, picking up parts while running errands in town.  There are just a lot of important things that moms do that others may not be able to easily place a value on.

Most importantly, moms are usually the one that everyone goes to with their problems.  Often farm moms are the great confidante, they keep the peace between siblings and dad.  Recently, a farmer friend spoke of his mom being the glue to their farm, ‘she just did what moms do!’

As was the theme of an agriculture conference that I recently attended, moms are the “unsung heroes” of many farms.

I’m blessed to have a strong mom and mother-in-law.  Each a farm mom who cares for their kids, husband, and farms more than most can understand.

A mother’s most important crop just might be her kids!


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