Ohio Sheep Farmer and Local Cook – Kristin

Kristin is one of those people that you know you’re going to be fast friends with.  She’s got a lot going on with her farm, as well as keeping busy with other interests. She and I have traveled half way around the world together.  You’ll love seeing pictures of her super cute kids on the farm.

Kristin is your typical mom learning to balance this crazy thing we call life!  Not only is she the mom of two ornery little farmers but a self-proclaimed foodie and farmer herself.  She enjoys connecting with her customers and readers through recipes and life adventures at www.localfarmmom.com.  Kristin raises sheep, poultry, hay and is the owner of a private cooking business Local Flavor Foods. She enjoys conversations about how our food system works and takes great joy in sharing a little bit about American Agriculture, dismissing some of the common food and farm misconceptions.  Find Kristin on social media or you may just run into her at school pickup, pass her driving a tractor down the road or shopping at the grocery store. It’s a crazy way of life but she cannot imagine it any other way.



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