Farmer Friends

I’m so excited to be part of this! Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing links to some of my friends who have different types of farms than we do.   I love the diversity of farms that we have in America. So head over to the “Farmer Friends” link to see other farms.

DIY and Quilt Designer Farm Mom – Bekah

Bekah shares how she uses a bit of creativity to get through life with three horse-crazy little girls and a farmer husband on her blog . She also likes to share stories from the farm, quilts that she love to design and make, DIY and home decor projects and just a bit of life’s little blessings.

Make sure to read how Bekah and her husband – lifelong friends that ended up getting married.  You just have to know that God had a greater plan for these two!

Turkey Farmer – Katie

Just in time for a little Thanksgiving turkey, what could be better than a Q&A session with a turkey farmers?

My friend Katie blogs about DIY home décor, trials and tribulations of parenting, and her family’s TURKEY farm at  Head over to her facebook page and give her a like as you get ready to eat your Thanksgiving turkey tomorrow!

Other exciting news about Katie – she just published a children’s book about what a turkey farm is like told through the eyes of her 6-year old.  After reading it, my little MessMaker declared that he wanted to be a Turkey Farmer when he grows up 🙂



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