Raising Kids, Raising Crops

And Life Goes On

I’m pretty sure I’m breaking all the blogging rules, by starting out with an apology for not blogging in the longest time.  Truth is – I’ve been doing a lot of living life and not much in recording it.

My oldest graduated high school last spring – really? Last spring?  And he’s enjoying his first year at college.  Seriously, when you’re kids go off to college, and you can vividly recall what was going on during your first year of college, even if it wasn’t too crazy, those memories are crystal clear.  Yikes!

On top of the new normal of having your first born, first kiddo love of your life move away, and creating a new normal in life, I’ve come to realize how much this kid did around here!  Geesh!  All those chores they do so you get someone else to do the crap jobs raise a responsible young adult, all of the sudden they’re back on your plate.  I do have to say, I’m looking forward to my kiddo moving back this summer – can’t wait for those everyday conversations, having his college friends visit over the summer, and even help with the daily chores :).

So, what’s going on down on the farm?  We are getting busy to start planting soon – perhaps next week if Mother Nature cooperates.  There has been a lot of field preparation the past several weeks.  My husband made his seed picks last fall, and now the seed is being delivered.  We’re doing lots of preventative maintenance on the planter getting it ready for the field.  We go through our equipment every season to hopefully minimize any downtime when the timing and conditions are right for planting.

Spring planting is an exciting time around the farm, and I’ll be sharing more about planting over the next several weeks.


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