So God made a Farmer

The Rest of the Story

Our Superbowl party went silent when that familiar poem was recited by the familiar voice of Paul Harvey.   Nearly to the end, I thought, who is sponsoring this spot?  Then at the very end, they revealed themselves – Dodge Ram.  Thank you to Dodge for highlighting 2013 as the Year of the Farmer.  It is reported that they have also announced that they will give up to $1 million to support FFA (formerly Future Farmers of America) and assist in local hunger and educational programs.

When the commercial was complete, I thought – these are the faces of farming that I know.  You see, I saw the rancher who runs cattle high in the Rocky Mountains and puts up the meadows for hay.  I saw the old Case cabless tractor that I ran as a teenager.  In the straightness of the rows, and see modern farming that utilizes GPS which improves efficiency and reduces inputs.

I’ve sat around a dinner table like that and given thanks.  I’ve been honored to shake many hands that are grease stained and rough.  I know the men and women who work hard on their own farms all day, come in early to clean up, and head off to town to a school board or some other committee meeting to keep their community going.

I saw the optimism that I sense for the future of agriculture in that little girl’s face.  My Professor friends who teach at Kansas State University report more students preparing to return to their family farm than they’ve seen in years.  I’d just completed reading an article from my alma mater, Colorado State University, about how CSU students won the national title in the Meat Science Quiz Bowl, and all the details that they needed to know from how meat is raised to how it is processed to cooking to how it ends up on your plate.  The food production system in the US is complex, but it takes complexity to feed 300 million people in the US affordably and to allow 98% of those people the luxury of not having to produce their own food.

Later, my sweet little Mess Maker and I watched the clip on YouTube, and when it was over he said, “Mama that’s a good one”, and I couldn’t have agreed more!


4 thoughts on “So God made a Farmer

  1. We were in awe of that commercial as well and nearly teared up with the sweet words about farmers and how true they are! I do hope to be among their ranks soon.

  2. Even though farming is a business, the lifestyles demonstrated in the video are so true. Families working together. The passion to do their very best. Sacrifices made to stick with it when adversity strikes. The weathered expressions coupled with the slightest grin suggesting satisfaction. And the feeling of being with God as every seed planted is based upon faith that it will grow and prosper. There is nothing to compare to it. That is why generation after generation sees the vocation to carry on the tradition of stewardship making the land even better for the next generation. Yes it may just be dirt, but oh so much more.

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