Let’s Talk Turkey

My friend, Katie, from http://www.onthebanksofsquawcreek.com/ has graciously allowed me to share her blog with you.  Katie and her husband farm in Iowa and they raise turkeys for meat.  The first time I met Katie, she asked if I liked the Subway turkey sandwiches, and said that their turkeys are used in Subways sandwiches.  Every time I go to Subway now, I think of Katie!

Thanksgiving Turkey

Go to her blog and look under “Turkeys”, it’s fascinating to learn more about how her family raises turkeys for meat consumption.  It was interesting to learn about the testing that their flock goes through to ensure food safety.  She also has some great recipes.  Honestly, I’ve always thought of turkey more as a holiday food, but after looking at some of her great recipes, I think we’ll be eating turkey more year-round!

Last, but certainly not least, check out Katie’s farmhouse renovations and all of the DYI projects.  So many great ideas!

Thanks for sharing, Katie!


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