End of summer and corn harvest 2012

Ugh … I’m sure somewhere there is a Blogging 101 that says you should never start a blog post with “ugh”… but it’s probably appropriate for this post.  As I look back, I’ve been a bad blogger the past month, and I’m sorry for my hiatus.  These are the highlights (or lowlights?) of what we’ve been up to.

Harvest – unloading grain from the combine into the grain cart

  • Corn harvest (PIC)
    • This is a tough harvest.  The heat and the drought really took a toll on our crops.  It looks like we will have about 25-30% of an average crop.  Normally, we would just be starting to harvest, and we will be done harvesting corn in a few days.  It’s not a good situation for us or many other farmers.  I’ll go into this in a little more detail in the next several days, but we are so thankful for crop insurance.  Similar to one’s house or car insurance, we would rather not have to ever use our insurance, but we’re glad we have it in a disaster – and this year is most definitely a disaster.
    • Back to school.  I’m pretty sure that I am in denial that my baby is now a senior in high school.  How can this be?  It seems like just a few months ago I was taking a picture of him on his first day of kindergarten.  ((sigh))
    • I attended a social media conference.  Wowsers – the stuff that one can do in social media is amazing.  And, I’m pretty sure I came up with a legitimate reason that I really need to try Pinterest J
    • County 4-H fair.  My kid had a nice fair, and he has one project that was eligible to go to the Kansas State Fair.  The State Fair starts this weekend, and we’re anxious to see how his project does on this level.  Although it’s fun to see how each kid’s projects do, my favorite parts of 4-H are watching how the older kids help the younger ones and seeing how each kid’s skill improves over the years.
    • A quick trip back to my home state to meet my newest niece.  What a sweet little baby she is!

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