Asparagus Time!

Oh how I love fresh asparagus.  A few years ago, we planted a patch, but it’s really just enough for my husband and I to eat some every other night.  So last year, we planted several more around our garden area.  Mostly, we did this because it seemed like a good excuse to have more asparagus, but somewhere one of us read that when the asparagus goes to seed it makes a good shelter for the other plants in the garden.  Once again, it was really, really just about having more asparagus to eat.  Which as it turns out was a good thing.  Our little Mess-Maker has taken quite a liking to the spear shaped veggie.  Although, I would say he seems to prefer the green variety to the purple, it’s not a color issue more that the purple is thicker (maybe the thinner spears are just easier to eat when you’re two).

In preparing asparagus, feel a little like Bubba from the movie Forrest Gump when he talks about the different ways to prepare shrimp.  There are so many good ways to prepare asparagus, but normally I just steam it, why mess with a good thing?  I have the luxury of walking out my back door, and snapping off the spear wherever it feels like a natural break.  Then I wash the asparagus and toss them in the steamer.  Since these are from my garden, there are usually several thicknesses of spears, so I’ll start by steaming the thickest spears then add the thinner ones to the steamer a few minutes later.  Once they are done, I just toss a little butter on them.  Yummy – a quick and easy side dish.

Asparagus washed and ready to cook


Ready to eat!

How do you like your asparagus prepared?


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