Kansas Ag Week

This week is Kansas Ag Week.  I wanted to share a few fun facts with you.

  1. Agriculture is Kansas’ largest industry
  2. Agriculture accounts for 26.4 percent of the manufacturing in Kansas, 28.1 percent of the wholesale, 14.5 percent of retail sales and 21.1 percent of exports.
  3. A Kansas farmer provides food for Americans and people in 102 different countries around the world
  4. The average U.S. Dairy cow makes 16,000 glasses of milk per year – enough for 40 people!
  5. One bushel of wheat makes 73 one-pound loaves of bread
  6. Farmers and ranchers care for their land because they will pass it to the next generation.
  7. 22 million Americas work in the Agriculture industry; less than 2% of the population
  8. In 1940, 1 Kansas farmer fed 19 people. Today, 1 Kansas farmer feeds 155 people
  9. Bees in Kansas produce more than $1 million worth of honey a year
  10. Kansas has the second most cropland of any state with 28.2 million acres

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